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    Tali (TaLi63372)


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    Tali (TaLi63372)

    Post by TaLi63372 on Fri May 20, 2016 8:35 am

    Birth Name: None (see scars and marks description)
    Nickname: ???  
    Age: 12 years old
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 4'6'' (Average for age is 4'11'')
    Weight: 74 lbs  (Average for age is 88 lbs)

    Appearance: She may appear younger than she actually is due to being undersized for her age. She doesn't currently have any of the curves usually seen in someone who has undergone puberty. She is beginning to appear more healthy. While still undersized for her age, her height to weight proportions are beginning to look more normal. See modifications.

    Demeanor: Generally of a good mood and with an agreeable, kind attitude. She will consent to any order she understands by an adult regardless of who gives it or if she has met them before.  Any order that may cause severe pain to herself or that trigger a specific fear response may be shown reluctance. Is sensitive to the pain of others, either real or perceived. She is easily frightened by loud noises sounds. Is sensitive and can react strongly to the 'tone' of a voice more so than to the actual dialog.  Will often make gestures to communicate. Some gestures appear to have specific assigned meaning (sign language).

    Player's note: I have an actual list of verbal and sign language words/gestures she understands and I update it as she learns new ones through rp.

    Modifications:  None of her current modifications appear recent.   May be obscured under clothing - ask if unsure.

    a) Between her shoulder blades is an alphanumeric brand. The font is about 1 inch high. It reads "TaLi63372".  The raised brand has been inked in black ink as if to make it stand out even more.

    b) She has a newly healed wound roughly parallel to her right clavicle and about 4 inches in length. The scar tissue is newly formed and still pink. There are tiny holes along it where stitches were recently removed.

    c) The four cylindrical holes. The holes are 1/2 inch thick and go completely through the appendage. So yes, you can see clean through one side to the other. The inside of them are completely sealed with scar tissue.  Two go through her forearm below the elbow and two go through her lower leg below the knee.  These holes once held 1/2 inch thick iron d-rings.

    For those with exceptional healing and/or familiarity with human anatomy:
    It may be apparent to  that the location of these holes was specifically chosen by someone with a strong medical and surgical background. The arm holes were placed between the radius and ulna and the lower leg holes between the tibia and fibula. The forearm holes have been specifically threaded between the radius and ulna above the radial tuberosity and the joint. The leg hole placement sits right under the heads of the tibia and fibia.  

    The original rings had been woven between muscles, nerves and blood vessels in a way to secure them, but also to put make any pulling of the rings inflict the most pain by pressure on nerves and the more delicate bones of the pair. The person who placed the rings went out of their way to make sure none of the motor function of the limbs were compromised.

    d) She has a thick surgical scar running from below her belly button to where her ribs connect to her sternum.  This appears to be an entry point for multiple surgeries.

    e) Finally she has a surgical scar on the front of her throat.  It could be that this has something to do with the reason she doesn't speak language.  She can make sounds in the form of screams or guttural noises by forcing air out of her lungs. She has a mixture of sounds that can be made such as squeaks, croaks, gurgles, etc

    Old photo showing original emaciated state:

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    Re: Tali (TaLi63372)

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