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    Dante Darkheart



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    Dante Darkheart

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    Name: Dante Darkheart  
    Player: Brock Kloster  
    Real Name: Dante Darkheart  
    Aliases: The Other, The Crimson Shadow, Blood Knight, Daniel Sose, Danny Mitchel, and Edward Dantes, The Shard Walker  
    Residence: Darkheart Manor, Necropolis, South of Yew  
    Previous Residences: Red Fang Pointe, Deepwater Horizon, Umbra, Avernus, Britain, Hedge Maze, Satamarin, and Winterfell.
    Place of Birth: Necropolis (Catskills), south of Yew, Felucca  
    Guild: Crimson Alliance Resurgent
    Previous Guilds: Crimson Shadow Syndicate (Atlantic), Crimson Alliance (Catskills), Undead (Catskills), Winterfell (Catskills), Covenant of Blood (Catskills), Dark Empire (Catskills), Darkheart Vampires (Catskills), Citizens of Umbra (Catskills), Citizens of Britain (Catskills), Citizens of Yew (Catskills), Clan Darkheart  
    Marital: Once Widowed (Ceini Mune-Darkheart), Once Annulled (Aravis)  
    Relatives: Isabella Darkheart (mother), Brock Darkheart (grandfather), Edward (Rumored Father), Isha Shade (grandmother)! Ceini (deceased wife), Aravis (missing wife), Brock Blackheart (sort of son), Uther Darkheart (sort of son)  and possibly several generations of grandchildren from before he was turned, Uther Lightbring (Great Grandfather), Watchet Darkheart (distant ancestor and the first Darkheart).
    Class: Noble, artist, serial killer
    Accolades: Fledgling, Hand of the Master, The Night Knight, Archon, Herald of the Guardian
    Abilities: Jack of all trades of the Dark Arts from Assassin to Necromancer to Arms Dealer. Not to mention all the vampiric abilities that go along with being Toreador Vampire.  
    Weaknesses: Weakened in sunlight, silver burns, blessed objects burn, prone to becoming lost in art and beauty.
    Equipment: The Darkheart Blades (a set of knives of various shapes and sizes), Oath Maker (a dagger made from a unicorn's horn), the Darkheart Ring (a gold ring with a ruby set in the jaws of a wolf's head)
    Race: Vampiric Half Elf Human Caucasian  
    Age: born - 3rd day of the 9th month of the year 295* (Sometime between 9-24-1996 to 12-5-1996)
    Created: RL September 3rd 1999; 72nd day of the 1st month of the year 309* (14 years old)  
    Sired: May 5th 2000 (the day after UO: Renaissance launched and Trammel was created) 59th day of the 1st month of the year 313* (18 years old)  
    Height: 5'11"  
    Weight: 175lbs  
    Eyes: Blue  
    Hair: Dark Black  
    Hand: Left Handed
    Voice: Medium Pitch but Raspy. He naturally speaks with an old Yew accent but is able to pull off a Britannian accent when he likes.
    Languages: Common Sosarian, Old Necraharian, Drow, Tokunoese, and a few other dead and demonic languages.
    Distinguishing Marks: A tattoo of a thorny rose on the left shoulder blade. The ink still appears quite vibrantly but is long since fresh.  He has no scars.
    Build: He is acrobatic, very muscular for a naturally small frame. When fully clothed no one would be the wiser that he is as naturally strong as he is..  

     * - Dates are approximate and presuppose that midnight of the launch date of UO is the 1st day of the 1st month of the year 300.  Though many sources state that midnight of the launch of UO was actually the year 289.  This seems inconsistent since other sources list Minoc as becoming part of the kingdom in 293.  But Minoc was a popular city especially for smiths miners and tinkerers throughout the beta and up until the launch of UO.  Furthermore, and this is speculative, the addition of a city to the kingdom should be cause for celebration of which never happened.  So I use a '300 at launch' calendar. I swear I'm fun at parties.

    Physical Description: When he knows people are looking he walks as if he owns the place like a noble.  When he thinks no one is looking he often sneaks around, somehow with confidence.  
    He has always been a handsome man and he seems to be self aware of this fact. He is not very hairy aside from a near constant five o'clock shadow. While his in game appearance displays a mohawk his hair is simply shaved high on the sides to about the same length as his stubble. The hair on the  top of his head is between 3-4 inches long This is not short enough to support a true mohawk and it is often slicked to a side or back. For planned formal occasions he will shave his stubble. He bathes daily.
    His daily clothes (armor) are typically made of soft leathers and thick silks.  He often wears a black cloak that covers the entire right side of his body.  His cloak also has a hood deep enough to obfuscate his face. There is a gold embroidery along the edges of the cloak and hood. The inside of the cloak is lined with crimson satin. His pants are tucked into his boots.  His tight black boots are highly polished with soft leather soles. The boots come up just below his knee they buckle on the outside.  On the front of the boots are leather folds made to look like thorny roses. Just on the inside of his left boot is an assassin spike style dagger.  On the inside of his right boot is a dagger fashioned from a unicorn horn. His pants are tight against his shins and calves so as not to get caught on low brush.  But by mid-thigh the leather pants are baggy enough to allow for a wide range of movement.  His leather vest is double breasted with a series of seemingly decorative folds that fan out. Within each fold hides a blade (tekagi). He is able to reach down at the base of the fan of folds fitting his fingers in the handle and pull them out from below. In the back of his leather vest which is often hidden by his cloak are two larger blades  A spellblade is sheathed on the right and a leafblade is sheathed on the left. Both blades are pointing up so as to better fit into the contour of his back as well as make reaching for the blades less obvious. His biceps are covered with thick but slightly ornamental pieces of leather strapped around. His forearms are wrapped in leather with decorative flourishes. Along the bottom of each of his forearms are hidden kama with the blades tucked away. With a pull of his sleeve he can release this blades. With another tug he can release the kama into each of his hands. Over the leathers he wears a grey silk doublet with crimson intricate embroidery of thorny roses. It opens easily to allow quick access to the blades on his leather vest beneath. He wears a kilt woven of grey, black, and crimson wool threads. At his waist is a thick leather belt.  The belt is lined with seemingly ornamental  flat rose buds.  However. the rosebuds are mere handles for throwing daggers (Shirukens). The blades of the throwing daggers have a green sheen to them.  From the right hip of his belt hangs a polished red mask. It resembles that of the Guardian.  The mask fits on to the circlet that Dante wears.  The gold circlet is simple enough from a distance, though small embellishments can be made out up close.  On his left hip is his kryss. He walks with a walking stick (warfork), not that he needs to. The handle curves and comes to a single  point. It can easily be mistaken that this is in no way a meaningful weapon.  

    The dagger in this right boot is easily reached by his left hand when crouched down. However, he rarely uses it for attack.  Instead it is used to carve a summoning circle for the spirit of a corrupted unicorn, Fellhorn, for him to ride. The dagger has a green sheen to it.  The dagger is made of  a unicorn's horn that has been filed down on the side producing a blade. This dagger is named the Oath Maker.
    The throwing blades tucked into his belt are only about two inches long and the handles  are roughly the same size but wider. They are merely meant for grazing a victim. However they are coated in poison giving them a green sheen.

    The rest of Dante's weapons have been forged from remnants of the original Darkheart Blade, and ancient weapon forged when the Necropolis was founded.  They are now collectively know as the Darkheart Blades.  The metal is mostly black with a slight shimmer of red from the ruby dust within the original ore.  Each weapon serves a different purpose.  All of the blades are intricately engraved. Each a work of art.
    The walking stick (warfork) is perhaps most common weapon he uses.  He typically will hook the handle around someone's neck to bring them closer so he my bite into their throat and drink their blood.  But if he is being attacked he uses this mostly as a defensive weapon to block attacks.  He wields his walking stick (warfork) in his left hand.  The shaft of the walking stick is carved from bloodwood which depicts many thorny roses.
    His preferred weapon for attacking single opponents roughly his size is his kryss. Because the kryss is sheathed on his left hip it is easy for his right hand to reach across his body mostly obscured by his cloak to be wielded in his right hand.   The kryss has a green sheen to it.  The blade is barbed.  The pommel of the kryss appears to be a tight rosebud.
    He will often use his kama for scaling walls and trees or when he is facing multiple human sized attackers.  When facing multiple attackers he will throw his cloak back over his right shoulder to give both arms a full range of movement.
    The assassin spike in his left boot is most easily reached by his right hand while crouching down ready to pounce on a victim from the shadows.  The spike has a green sheen to it.
    The leafblade is a double edged short sword that is meant for causing wounds that will easily heal. It is used as means to stop end a fight with someone he wants to live. It is most easily reached with his left hand.
    The spellbalde is used as a means to cause vicious wounds that do not heal well. He usually uses it during ceremonies of sacrifice.  It is most easily reached by his right hand. But often wielded in both hands.
    The blades on his chest (Tekagi) are bound with straps that Dante's hands can slip into easily. He typically uses these blades when fighting a single large target.

    Dante's mount is a spectral unicorn named Fellhorn. He summons his mount by drawing a small summoning circle in the dirt with the oath Maker.  Fellhorn was made after turning an enemy into a vampire.  He then fed a unicorn to the new vampire. The unicorn was then fed Dante's blood bonding it to Dante until Dante snapped the unicorn's horn and slit the unicorn's throat with his own horn.  the unicorn's corpse was then burned.  The ashes were then used to bury the enemy alive. Since then the unicorn's spirit has been bound to Dante's bidding.
    But Dante's primary mode of transportation is in the animagus of a black wolf.. This is mostly through magical means but because of his Protean abilities  he takes the form of a wolf. He prefers this as it allows him to better hide in the shadows while moving swiftly.

    Dante, true to his Toraedor nature, is often quite fickle with his fashion and can be seen in a hooded robe, heavy platemail armor, and even a set of thick leathers with an apron that he wears while forging his instruments of death.  For me to play Dante I do use multiple template to reflect the vast wealth of skills and knowledge he has amassed over the years.  The clothes and weapons described above are for the main ninja template I use for Dante but I have a samurai template Dante which uses full plate. I have a tamer template

    First Impressions [Everyone]: He often seems arrogant and uncaring yet formal to those he just meets. After he grows more comfortable he will become much more relaxed and amused with his own arrogance.

    First Impressions [Vampires & Demonics]: He does hold the Predator's Taint.  If as a player if I know your character is kindred and we physically meet in-game, Dante will recognize that. He may not mention it or disclose it, but he will recognize you for what you are.  On the reverse,  your vampire character may recognize Dante for what he is as well.  For potency purposes, I've always been bad at maintaining an up to date character sheet. Suffice to say though that I've been playing Dante since later 1999 and as a Vampire since early 2000. By my count that makes Dante the oldest or at least one of the oldest vampires left in UO. I was able to find my old character sheet that Zendra and Azazel from S^S helped me write up back in 2007 but I haven't really kept up with it since.  I list that below for any who are curious.

    First Impressions [Fey]: Like any vampire he exudes banality, though as a Toraedor only to a slightly lesser degree. James the Bunnyman seems to like following Dante around often enough which Dante finds annoying.  

    Signature: His handwriting is naturally sloppy but when writing public documents he often takes great care to appear neat and adds appropriate flourishes.

    Humans may have heard he likes women and men.  
    Humans may have heard he is older than he looks.  
    Humans may have heard he only drinks red wine.
    Humans may have heard that he is always too hungover to come out during the day.
    Vampires may have heard that he is a dialberist (cannibal).  
    Vampires may have heard that he is the oldest living vampire.  

    VtM Character Sheet: Keep in mind this has not been updated in nearly a decade and Dante is now nearly twice as old.


    Strength: 3
    Dexterity: 2
    Stamina: 3

    Charisma: 3
    Manipulation: 3
    Appearance: 4

    Perception: 2  
    Intelligence: 2
    Wits: 2


    Acting: 1
    Alertness: 1
    Athletics: 1
    Brawl: 2
    Dodge: 2
    Empathy: 0
    Intimidation: 2
    Leadership: 1
    Streetwise: 2
    Subterfuge: 1

    Animal Ken: 0
    Drive (Ride): 1
    Etiquette: 2
    Firearms (Archery): 0
    Melee: 3
    Music: 0
    Repar: 0
    Security: 1
    Stealth: 1
    Survival: 1

    Bureaucracy: 0
    Computer: 0
    Finance: 0
    Investigation: 0
    Law: 1
    Linguistics: 0
    Medicine: 0
    Occult: 1
    Politics: 1
    Science: 1


    Auspex: 0
    Celerity: 0
    Presence: 6
    Protean: 4
    Obfuscate: 2

    Resources: 4

    Conscience: 3
    Self Control: 2
    Courage: 5

    Blood Pool: X/30

    Entralled by Beauty: Willpower roll required to break free.

    Merits – Type – Cost
    Heightened Smell – Physical – 1
    Heightened Hearing – Physical - 1
    Kight Sleeper – Mental – 2
    Dare Devil – Physical – 3
    Heightened Sight – Physical – 1
    Lucky – Supernatural – 3
    Medium – Supernatural - 2
    Total: 12

    Flawss – Types – Bonus
    Cursed – Supernatural – 4
    Nightmares – Mental – 1
    Addiction – Physical – 3
    Vengful – Social – 3
    Enemy – Social – 2
    Total: 12

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