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    Aedon Durreah


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    Aedon Durreah

    Post by Aedon on Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:13 pm

    Age- uncertain appears to be in early to mid 20's
    Height- 5' 10"
    Weight-about 155 lbs.
    Eyes-Emerald green
    Skin-slightly tanned
    Hair-sandy colored streaked with red mostly worn long and tied at the neck  
    Build- slim but fit
    Speaks with an Irish accent.
    Bluish mark shaped like a crescent moon on inside of right wrist.
    Walks with a limp

    Physical description:
    His body shows the effects of long years of training. Fit though small in build, his movements seem well thought out and deliberate. He tends to walks with an air of dignity and purpose.

    First Impressions
    Aedon comes off as a bit snooty and somewhat snobbish at times. He is well educated and has a hard time dealing with those of lesser minds. He tends to be aloof, preferring to sit at a table alone, or in the company of a few close friends.

    Many see him as the sort that consort with undead creatures owing to the many friendships he has had through the years with kindred. Uncomfortable in crowds, he will walk out on any occasion where he feels closed in or surrounded.The few times he has been forced to sing he has exhibited a rather pleasant voice.

    He has an affinity with fae, and is often seen in the company  James Bunny-man. Some of the court of Queen Elisandra believed Aedon to be some fore of fae as well. He can be skittish at times and has a deep fear of small closed in spaces.

    What is the true measure of a man, if not by the content of his heart.
    It's the accent

    I hear he dates a vampire
    I am not saying Aedon is cattle, but last night I heard him moo
    I hear he cannot ride through Yew without running his poor horse into every tree.
    I have heard he is an experiment gone wrong and his father is a mad scientist.
    I once saw him on a pirate ship sailing along the cost of Skara.

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