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    Behind the Storm

    Deacon Storm

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    Behind the Storm

    Post by Deacon Storm on Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:06 pm

    Name: Deacon Storm
    Real Name: Deacon Ives
    Nickname: Dee
    Age: Early Thirties
    Birthplace: Yew
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 146
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair: Brown
    Hair Style: Dreadlocks typically pulled back into either a full ponytail or a half ponytail
    Skin: Tan
    Body Frame: Slim Athletic

    Covering his whole back is a skull and crossbones with "Dead Men Tell No Tales" on the bottom. His whole left arm, from hand to shoulder, is an old style map of Sosaria with compass near his elbow. He also has two different types of sea serpents roaming the seas on his left arm. His whole right arm, from hand to shoulder, is an old style map of the Lost Lands with a different kind of compass and with a sextant. He has a karken roaming the seas on his right arm. Going across his collar bone is "Hold Fast". On the left side of his chest is a tattoo of the sea goddess Calypso and on the right side is the sea god Poseidon.

    Covered with scars, most have either been covered by his tattoos or just faintly seen. The only real visible one is a jagged scar going across his stomach in what looks like to be a diagonal line.

    Physical Description:
    Well toned medium build, still on the skinny side, but quite muscular. His arms and shoulders are only slightly bigger due to his training as an archer.

    When not in his armor (which is almost never) he wears expensive custom made clothes to fit his body. Even his armor is custom made using the finest metals and leather money (or killing) could buy

    First Impressions (Everyone):
    He acts like a carefree drunk that doesn't know anything much less cares and tries to avoid unnecessary things and people.

    Deeper Impression:
    If you get to know the real him, he's a smooth talker and a careful listener. He is always deep in thought and studies everything you do down to how many times you blink in a minute. He's extremely greedy and will mass murder everyone for a coin or will kill anyone for the fun of it. He's not a very physical person unless someone sparks his interest which is extremely rare. He will stare at you, trying to look deep inside your soul to see what makes you tick. Never known to lift a hand to help anyone unless he is gaining something out of it.

    "Tis beh ah 'ull storeh ahywaeh"

    To be continued...

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