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    Keryth Vulpes

    Keryth Vulpes

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    Keryth Vulpes

    Post by Keryth Vulpes on Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:13 pm

    All information is OOC only, unless otherwise noted.

    Birth name: Keryth 'Jakar' Vulpes
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age:  Appears to be around 35+
    Height: 5'4''
    Weight: 170 stones
    Build: Broad, with obvious muscle, but quite average to the eye.

    Physical Description

    Keryth appears ordinary and unremarkable as if he existed to not go noticed.  If someone looked closer, you might notice his hands are calloused as if he worked hard for a living. Many who see his bald head may assume it is natural, but he actually meticulously keeps it clean shaven. In contrast, his beard although groomed clean is left to grow wild to exaggerate his strong jawline. Although slightly shorter than average height, his build and how he carries himself in broad regimented fashion, gives him an' almost imposing demeanour.  This hulking presence can sometimes even be seen as intimidating.

    First Impression:
    Upon first impressions one might say that Keryth is a shy, withdrawn character, which to some extent is correct. Although he is not shy, he is some times withdrawn and often very quiet, but mostly this is down to his nature. He is a quiet observer, who studies the words and actions of others and chooses his words carefully when dealing with business.
    Keryth had a sturdy stance is almost never seen without his armour, and always has a weapon close to hand. Some find this peculiar for a Trades Minister and some say it is to deter thieves as he often resides around the docks. Others rumour about a dark past or ulterior  motives behind his business within Moonglow.
    It is acceptable for rp players to treat the following rumours as IC knowledge that they've heard from the townsfolk if they inquire about him in Moonglow. Some are true and some are false. Let RP with players in-game help your character decide what they believe.
    1. “I heard he was cursed by Penrose and forced to work the docks”
    2. “A girl told me she saw him praying to the Ocean in the middle of the night”
    3. “Someone once told me he use he served a Lich in Umbra, it kind of creeps me out..”
    4. “I got told he was seen in Buccaneer's Den going by the name Captain Red Beard?”
    5. “He has a real soft spot for little animals, seems strange for a guy like him..”

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