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    Ja'kai Del'iem

    Ja'kai Del'iem

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    Ja'kai Del'iem

    Post by Ja'kai Del'iem on Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:59 pm

    Age: 337
    Natural hair color: White
    Eyes: Bright green/blue
    Height: Around six feet
    Build: Slim, but toned. He is not necessarily muscular, but filled out.
    Skin tone: Black
    Temperament: An agreeable, soft spoken and civil manor hiding the mistrust and aggression of the drow.

    After living most his life in the Underdark mistrusted due to mix-breed status, he has dedicated himself to successfully living topside. To that end, he is in constant struggle keeping his nature in check to fit his needs.
    He is obsessed with the study of the arcane and can usually be found at a library or wondering the streets of Moonglow in thought.
    He wants magic to be at the center of political power, and Moonglow to be the center of magic.

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