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    (Updated 3-1-17)

    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'5''
    Weight: 115 lbs


      She is usually very soft spoken and shy around strangers, particularly men. She usually keeps her eyes downcast, smiling politely. She seems to be generally a happy soul. Bright intelligent eyes take the world in, often staring with child-like wonder.

    Physical Appearance:

      One of the first things you may notice is her skin is flawless. She doesn't just have good complexion, she is actually flawless. There isn't a single blemish, scar, mole, tattoo or any mark that stands out other than milky white, pale skin. Not a scuffed knee as a child. Not a burn on the hand from cooking.

      She has large, bright eyes the color of dark sapphires.The large round eyes give her a more youthful, child-like appearance. She's lean and tone without any built muscle from strenuous physical labor. She is often dressed in traditional garb found in the desert tribes unless she's in the middle of housework or chores.


    It is acceptable for rp players to treat the following rumors as IC knowledge that they've heard from the townsfolk if they inquire about her in Moonglow. I will change the rumors out as I feel something new about her might be gossiped about. I suggest rolling a D6 to choose a random rumor.  Invite some chance into the rp! Some are true and some are false.Let RP with players in-game help your character decide what they believe.
    Current Rumors [Last updated 3-1-2017]

    1. "I heard she worked for Delom Berridge until he moved into the Governor's house."

    2. "My cousin said he saw her at a slave market in Malas near Umbra."

    3. "I hear she's for hire... if you know what I mean... *wink wink, nudge nudge*... if you can find out who owns her."

    4. "She was recently brought into the healer's with massive trauma, even had internal bleeding! She had no memory of what caused it! How do you not remember what could cause that much damage?"

    5. "I heard she's related to the Sultan of Nujelm and was a gift to the Governor."

    6. "My friend saw Mr. Berridge lead her in to the tailor's shop late one night for a special appointment after hours. She came out smiling like the cat who ate the canary!"

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