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    Taonh Sendula



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    Taonh Sendula

    Post by Darkheart on Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:07 am

    Name: Tanoh Sendula
    Player: Brock Kloster  
    Real Name: Tanoh Sendula  
    Residence:  Darkheart Manor, Necropolis, South of Yew, Felucca
    Previous Residences: Lycaeum Droms, Moonglow Felucca and Lycaeum Droms, Moonglow Trammel
    Place of Birth: Moonglow Felucca  
    Guild: The City of Moonglow (informant for the Crimson Alliance Resurgent)
    Previous Guilds: Crimson Alliance Resurgent
    Marital:  Single
    Relatives: All deceased
    Class: Mage specializing in control over beasts and disguises and camouflage  
    Accolades: Royal Subject of the Britannian Zoo
    Abilities: Her magic allows her to control beasts.  She is also quite adept at sneaking around and even changing her appearance to look like someone completely different.
    Equipment: A medium sized satchel with enchantments to carry almost any needed supply. A golden dagger sheathed on her forearm.
    Race: Drow  
    Age: Born in the UO year 118*
    Created: November 15th 2015
    Height: 5'3"  
    Weight: 102lbs  
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: White  
    Hand: Right Handed

    Voice: Soft Moonglow Accent

    Languages:  Common Sosarian, Drow, some Old Necraharian  

    Distinguishing Marks: She has ritualistic scars in the shapes of various animals. She has scars on her ears as if to round them off but the attempt failed. She has several piercings; left nostril, three piercings in her left ear, two piercings in her right ear, and her navel.

    Build: She is moderately toned with a petite gymnast's physique with the exception of her wide hips.  

    * - Dates are approximate and presuppose that midnight of the launch date of UO is the 1st day of the 1st month of the year 300.  Though many sources state that midnight of the launch of UO was actually the year 289.  This seems inconsistent since other sources list Minoc as becoming part of the kingdom in 293.  But Minoc was a popular city especially for smiths miners and tinkerers throughout the beta and up until the launch of UO.  Furthermore, and this is speculative, the addition of a city to the kingdom should be cause for celebration of which never happened.  So I use a '300 at launch' calendar. I swear I'm fun at parties.

    Physical Description: A sweet looking young woman. When watched she appears timid and shy. But when on her own she walks with a graceful confidence. One of her pets is often nearby. She often changes the color of her skin and hair to not look like a drow.  
    She has a natural part at the top center of her head. Her shoulder length white hair usually appears freshly washed still wet and slicked back. As it dries she may tuck her hair behind her ears.  Scars on the tops of her ears suggest as if someone tried to cut off the tops of her ears to make them look rounded and human.
    Her face is framed by an angular jawline.  Her cheekbones are high on her long face.  Her cheeks are full but not fat. Her top lip is just slightly disproportionately fuller than her lower lip. Her top right canine tooth is slightly crooked, though almost unnoticeable.
    Her neck is thin and graceful.  It is usually wrapped in a black lace choker with a ruby pendant. She often wears a strapless outfit which displays her pronounced clavicle and graceful shoulders. Her arms are small yet reasonably toned.  She often wears jeweled bands around her biceps. Her hands and forearms are usually covered in black gloves with a few jeweled bracelets worn on her wrists. On the back of her left forearm is a small sheathed gold dagger with a decorative golden rose pommel that ends at her wrist.
    Her outfit usually consists of an inner silk gown that she owns in many colors.  Then there is an outer layer of black leather that does not cover quite as much.  The inner gown is hemmed in black laced that sticks out just above the leather outer layer.  Both layers fasten in the front at the top with laces. She is naturally flat chested so she often ties these laces tighter to give herself more of a bust.  At the waist are two black leather belts that cross. Below the belts the inner layer overlaps where the outer layer is open at the center.  The inner gown ends mid-calf and the outer layer ends at her knee.  She often wears black lace stockings that end well above her mid-thigh.  She can be seen in a variety of different shoes for different occasions.  She typically will wear flat shoes when working in the field and high heels when in town.  In the warmer summer months she will wear black heeled sandals with laces that strap around her legs just below her knees in town. She has a similar pair of flats for her fieldwork.  She wears a toe ring on her left foot. In the colder months she will wear black leather thigh high boots which she has in flats and heels.
    From the belts on her hips hang and assortment of pouches and charmed trinkets.  At least four of the trinkets are small crystals for summoning her pets. On her left hip is a medium sized satchel.  From the satchel she has been known to pull all sort of supplies, tomes, and scrolls despite the satchel not ever looking as full as it should.
    She also has an assortment of hooded cloaks with liners that match her inner gown while the outside of the cloak is black.  It fastens with a clasp at her throat and billows over her shoulders.  It is about ankle length.  There is a gold embroidered trim.
    She has been known to drink elixirs that change her black drow flesh to a pale rosy complexion of human or surface dwelling elf and her white drow hair to black. Though her physical features stay the same.  The effects seem to last until she drinks the antidote. She smells of sweet fruits. She bathes daily, sometimes more.
    Covering her body are ritualistic scars in the shapes of animals she has bonded with.  While the animals are physically kept in the stables and nearby grounds of Darkheart Manor she is able to summon them at will through her scars and the summoning crystals that hang from her belts.  Her favored pets are a pair of wolf spiders named Uss and Draa. She often rides a black tiger named Oura.  She has always had a fondness of wolves and keeps a small pack of dire wolves at the ready. And like any good tamer a greater dragon named Tagnik'zur is at her disposal as well.

    First Impressions [Everyone]: She is often amused that she will get vastly different reactions from people who do not recognize her when she alternates from her drow appearance to that of her surface dwelling elf appearance. She may seem shy but if she opens up she gives the impression that she is well educated.  She often seems disconnected from the common man.  Though she is not a snob, at least  intentionally.  Despite all that she is quite adept at looking after herself in the wilderness.

    Signature: Her handwriting is neat.  She does have a tendency to use sweeping flourishes.

    She might not be an elf.
    She might not be a drow.
    She tried to cut off her own ears.

    Tanoh's Pets
    Qos – Dread Spider
    Uss – Wolf Spider
    Draa - Wolf Spider
    Ilar– Wolf Spider
    Drejan - Crimson Drake (Blue)
    Aphyon- Crimson Drake (Green)
    Oura – Tiger (black)
    Elg'cahl - Rune Beetle
    Ramoth – Nightmare
    Chath – Fire Steed
    Tagnik'zur - Greater Dragon (red)
    Cryso- Cu Sidhe (Pink)
    Vlos – Cu Sidhe (Red)
    Barra - Cu Sidhe (Black)
    Lorulm - Cu Sidhe (Bronze)
    Draak – Reptelon
    Ssa - Sepentine Dragon
    Kal'Daka - Two Tsuki Wolf

    A rideable Tarantula is probably in Tanoh's future She currently rides an ethereal Tiger as a stand in since tamable Tigers can't be ridden.

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