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    Oswald Dayne



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    Oswald Dayne

    Post by Darkheart Yesterday at 8:29 pm

    Name: Oswald Dayne
    Player: Brock Kloster
    Real Name: Kyller Greyves
    Residence: Fellowship Hall, Fellowship Crossing Yew, Felucca
    Previous Residences:  
    Place of Birth: The Undercrown of Deepwater Horizon Trammel
    Guild: Players of Roles (informant to the Crimson Alliance Resurgent)
    Previous Guilds: Crimson Alliance Resurgent
    Marital:  Single
    Class: Hedge Knight
    Abilities: He is very strong for a human but he is only human
    Equipment: a large broadsword, a halberd with a collapsible pole and a kite shield with no inisgnia
    Race: Human
    Age: Born in the UO year 361, 26 years old
    Created: August 1st 2016
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight:  189lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Red
    Hand: Right Handed
    Voice: Gruff Jhelom Accent
    Languages: Common Sosarian
    Distinguishing Marks:  
    Build: A tall man with a muscular frame.
    First Impressions [Everyone]: A pragmatic and practical man. He is not overly concerned with honor or profit.
    Signature: His signature is plain but neat.

    Physical Description: A tall man with a bushy yet well groomed beard and slicked back hair that curls in the back. His face is somewhat weathered for a man so young. His nose is crooked his jaw is square. He has muscular frame. His armor is highly polished. A heavy Viking sword is sheathed on his left hip. On his back is strapped a shield and a collapsible halberd. His armor was made for function not fashion. As such it is made of a dull yet dense steel. Despite it being highly polished it never seems to reflect light. It displays no emblems.  
    His weathered face is well tanned with the exception of a few small scars. Two scars on his right cheek cross and cut into the top of his beard line. Another larger scar just in front of his left temple cuts into his hairline.  
    His chest is light on hair. There are a few scars but nothing that would be too deep.his left shoulder has four equal length scars.  On his right rib cage is a black tattoo of a chaos star. The rest of his body has small scars that are fading.  
    His plate armor appears to be of the standard guard design. Though it has been made with a denser metal which does not polish as well.  He wears three thick leather belts.One belt over his shoulder supports his shield when slung on his back. One belt hangs to his right hip sagging at the weight of his sword on his left hip. A large satchel hangs on his right hip. Along the belts are several pouches. Some are empty some store contracts and bounty ledgers. Others store bandages. And even more carry other essentials.  
    He rides a black stallion.  Its mane and tail are braided and tied in such a way to stay out of the way.  The horse wears a saddle of dark reddish brown leather.  It is embossed with black roses. The horse often wear barding made of the same metal as Oswald's armor.  The horse is intelligent enough to not run off and thus does not need to be tied up.  It will return to Oswald with a whistle.

    He flunked out of the Royal Guard Academy.

    Born to the Guaranti Clan, a gypsy clan beholden to the Guardian and the Necropolis. Though he was not born out of love but out of a desire for arcane power. His own mother used the young Oswald to steal whatever magical ability he possessed to be used as her own. When she was done she left the boy with an orphanage ran by cultists of the Guardian.  That orphanage was funded by Dante Darkheart.  
    When Oswald came of age he left the orphanage and out of options he enlisted in the ranks of the Royal Guard. While he excelled at combat he lacked the ability to teleport thanks to his mother. As such his weakness cost him his enrollment at the academy. He was then reassigned to the Royal Marines to help deal with the pirate threat. To the south of Serpent's Hold. On his first ship to ship battle he was knocked off balance and thrown overboard. He nearly got his armor off in time to save himself. But as he climbed back aboard and the battle came to an end his commanding officer relieved him of duty.  
    After being a twice washed out servant of the realm he took on simple escort jobs protecting so called nobles from town to town. It was decent money for a time. One such noble was Dante Darkheart who hired him on full time. Dante tasked Oswald with keeping his ears open for whatever the nobles would tell him. Oswald has been funneling intel back to Dante for years now.

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