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    Kral Visla



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    Kral Visla

    Post by Darkheart on Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:31 pm

    Name: Kral Visla
    Player: Brock Kloster  
    Real Name: Kral Visla
    Residence:  The prison pens below the Necropolis
    Previous Residences: none
    Place of Birth: The Jukari Village Eodon
    Guild: Crimson Alliance Resurgent
    Previous Guilds: Crimson Alliance Resurgent
    Marital:  Single
    Relatives:  None that will claim him
    Class: Warrior
    Abilities: On occasion he can breathe fire
    Equipment: twin axes soaked in poison
    Race: He is a mutant abomination of dragon and human
    Age: Born in the UO year 330
    Created: 6-14-2017
    Height: 7'3"
    Weight: 476lbs  
    Eyes: Yellow
    Hair: None
    Hand: Left Handed
    Voice: Gruff with a Jukari accent
    Languages: Common, and Jukari
    Distinguishing Marks: He is unblemished exept for a rose shaped brand on his left bicep
    Build: Well muscled like he was bred for war.
    First Impressions [Everyone]: A rough personality. He seems broken yet proud.
    Signature:  While intelligent he is only barely literate.

    Physical Description:  
    At first glance he appears to be a gargoyle but his skin is scaly like a dragon. He wears black plate armor made for a gargoyle but it fits without any discomfort. He wears it proudly and does not cover it up.  On his belt are two short axes bound together with a long chain.  

    He was bred using many different species, not just dragon and human.
    He is the fifth attempt at mixing dragon with man.
    He eats children.

    History: Born a human in the Jukari village in Eodon. He grew up with a fiery temperament which lead him down the path of the berserker. He developed a reputation for attacking the other tribes viciously. His violent behavior estranged him even from his own tribe to a certain extent. This was almost the point that he had been banished on several occasions. Though in times of war he would often be called back. As he grew older so did his patience. He even found a lover, Khana, a Jukari woman.
    After Eodon was discovered by Sosarians he found that some came looking to exploit the Valley and its people. One such man was Dante Darkheart, a vampire, who came looking for slaves. Dante wanted to use these slaves for their blood.  Kral and Khana living away from the main body of the Jukari tribe met Dante and agreed to capture slaves from the other tribes so long as Dante did not harm them or the Jukari.
    The slave trade went on for several years. While Khana and Kral prospered at first the other tribes grew wary of the berserker's attacks and tightened their defenses. Unable to maintain their upkeep to Dante Khana sold herself as payment. Dante took her back to his manor and used her as he wished but did not kill her.  

    Months later Khana returned to Kral. She had been ghouled to Dante. She told him of the wider world of Sosaria  She told him they could be together once again if Kral agreed to an experiment. Kral took his chances and agreed. Khana lead Kral to the Necropolis and lead deep below the surface to a laboratory.  Kral was lashed to a table. He was then given an herb to help him rest.  When he awoke he had been transformed into an abomination, part dragon part man. He also felt compelled to do Dante's bidding, he had been ghouled. To this day he does Dante's bidding.

    The lie he tells:
    Born a human in the Jukari village in Eodon. He grew up with a passionate temperament which lead him down the path of the berserker. He defended the Jukari from the other tribes. He was a hero to his people. As he grew older so did his wisdom. He even found a lover, Khana, a Jukari woman.
    After Eodon was discovered he and his lover Khana were kidnapped and experimented on.  But he could not see who they were.  He only remembers waking up for an instant in a field alone. It is unknown who found him and brought him to a healer's shop in Jhelom. Once he was back to full health he volunteered to fight in the fighting pits.  With his winnings he has purchased his belongings.

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