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    Leo Mune



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    Leo Mune

    Post by Darkheart on Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:21 pm

    Name: Leo Mune
    Player: Brock Kloster
    Real Name: Leo Mune
    Residence: Northwest woods of Trammel
    Previous Residences: Spiritwood
    Place of Birth: Britain
    Guild: none
    Previous Guilds: Rangers of Spiritwood
    Marital: Single
    Relatives: June Mune (mother) Allen Klawstar (adoptive father)
    Class: Ranger
    Accolades: Being a ranger is work that often goes unseen
    Abilities: He has trained all his life to be a ranger and is quite capable of surviving on his own
    Equipment: A hatchet, a wooden sword, a set of two skinning knives, and a crossbow
    Race: human
    Age: Born in the UO year 351
    Created: November 23, 2015
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 207lbs
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: blonde
    Hand: Right Handed
    Voice: medium tone with a light Magincian accent
    Languages: Common
    Distinguishing Marks: He bears now faint but large scars on his left arm. As if his skin was pulled off at one point. Other small innocuous scars of various ages cover his body
    Build: He is a large muscular man with broad shoulders. He is beginning to develop a paunch as his gets older. His left arm is stiff and covered in larger scars from a battle long ago.
    First Impressions [Everyone]: A man that looks at ease in the woods. The strong silent type. There is a sadness in his eyes as if he lost a battle with himself long ago. He is rarely seen in towns. Though this is usually when delivering a load of lumber.
    Signature: He presents himself as a plain man and his signature resembles this.

    Physical Description:
    Once a well groomed young man he has grown into a hardened man with a long beard and long hair. His beard is tied into one braid to keep it together. His long hair is tired back around a small carved stick to keep it out of his eyes. With all his hair he looks like a lion.
    His ringmail armor is of a plain design but well crafted. He wears a wolf pelt over his shoulders, the wolf head hangs over his left shoulder. Hidden within the wolf head even from Leo is a communication crystal that is always listening. A loose chainmail coif hangs around his neck.
    The green vest he wears over his armor bears an embroidered sigil of a lion swallowing a sun. He wears a thick wool kilt to muffle the sound of his armor. His boots are made of thick leather.
    A pair of skinning knives rest on his belt. A light ornate axe is usually in hand and a crossbow is slung over his shoulder. He stores his bolts in the fronts of his boots. Strapped along the right side of his pack is a wooden sword. When fighting men he will only use the wooden sword.
    In his pack is a pair of orange pants that he wears when cleaning or mending his other clothes and armor. A small hand written Book of Chivalry of his adoptive father with additional notes discussing the passages and spells. A small replica scroll of valiant commendation with Leo's name is tucked into the pages. The book is wrapped with a sash of the Skara Brea Ranger's Guild. There is a small pouch with some salted rabbit meat. A bundle of about 30" of medium rope. A flint. A few potions bandages and herbs for healing. Rolled on top of the pack is his bedroll.
    Often following him is a sturdy brown pack horse. It has a white nose. The saddle is not designed for riding but it is rather more of a harness to drag lumber or a sled of lumber. There are a few tools stuffed into the saddlebags on the side of the saddle.

    He killed a fellow Ranger of Spiritwood.

    Brief History:
    Born to a refugee of Magincia, named Juna Mune, in the city of Britain. Juna had been a talented mage but lost her ability to cast spells due to tiny bits of blackrock being embedded under her skin. As such Leo never developed a natural ability to use magic himself. However, one day she left Leo with a close friend, Allen Klawstar. Juna never returned.
    Allen taught Leo about the Virtues. Although Leo would have been well suited as a paladin he chose the life of a ranger. Eventually Leo join the Rangers of Spiritwood. Unfortunately, he followed the wrong ranger, a man named Michael Mitre. In carrying out Mitre's order he killed a fellow Ranger, Katalin. Leo was arrested soon after. While locked up he learned that he was being used. Before Leo's trial Allen was killed in battle. During his trial Leo plead guilty and was exiled to the Shrine of Spirituality. When the exile was lifted Leo decided to go on a pilgrimage to the other Shrines. Now his pilgrimage is over and he has committed himself to staying neutral.

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