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    Fynn Wynd



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    Fynn Wynd

    Post by Darkheart on Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:23 am

    Name: Fynn Wynd
    Player: Brock Kloster  
    Real Name: Ezra Wren
    Aliases:[/b Jarus Arelius, Sabin Zaar, Fenn Dahl, Arryn Thorn, and Saan Fayr
    Residence:  Darkheart Manor, Necropolis, South of Yew, Felucca
    Previous Residences: The Guardian's Hand Orphanage
    Place of Birth: Heartwood  
    Guild: Rangers of Spiritwood (informant for the Crimson Alliance Resurgent)
    Previous Guilds: Crimson Alliance Resurgent
    Marital:  Single
    Relatives: None
    Class: Bard
    Abilities: He is a capable musician but he is quite poor at wrting his own songs. He is also adept at identifying herbs and mushrooms.
    Equipment: A lute, shortbow, and  a sack full of herbs, poisons, and potions
    Race: Elf
    Age: Born in the UO year 359
    Created: June 16th 2016
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 146lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Hand: Right Handed
    Voice: Medium Smooth with a Heartwood accent
    Languages:  Common Sosarian, Drow, some Old Necraharian
    Distinguishing Marks:  
    Build: A skinny wiry young elf
    First Impressions [Everyone]: He is constantly stoned.  
    Signature: Sloppy but full of flourishes

    Physical Description:  
    Fynn is very pretty for a man. He has soft features, He probably looks familiar, somehow. Flowers and feathers are always being braided into his black hair. He smells of nightshade smoke. His fingers are stained with smoke.
    He carries a lute strapped to his back. The lute is exceptionally crafted and is covered in a thick shiny reddish brown lacquer. There are several inlays of roses that go around the front of the body. A long thorny stem goes up the neck and the head is carved to look like a rosebud.
    All sorts of beads hang around his neck and wrists. His loose clothes are made from llama wool. His clothes look like they have been lived in for several days. He will wash his clothes from time to time.
    He rides a llama named Sally. Sally does not wear a saddle or harness. She will wander when Fynn doesn't need her.  She will return with a whistle.


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