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    Post by Darkheart on Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:58 am

    Name: Brok'Orba
    Player: Brock Kloster  
    Real Name: Brok'Orba
    Residence:  The pits below the Necropolis
    Previous Residences: Shadowclan Fort, the Wintermaw Fort, Shatterskull Fort, The Orc Caverns
    Place of Birth: Shadowclan Fort
    Guild: The Shadowskull CLan (a sub-guild of the Crimson Alliance Resurgent)
    Previous Guilds: Crimson Alliance Resurgent
    Relatives: He has fathered many orc cubs
    Class: Necromantic Shaman
    Accolades: Chieftain
    Abilities: He is an orc that has learned a form of necromancy
    Equipment: A large clude hammer
    Race: Orc
    Age: Born in the UO year 300
    Created: 1998
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 315lbs
    Eyes: Yellow
    Hair: None
    Hand: Right Handed
    Voice: Gruff and gravely
    Languages: Orcish (Shadowclan dialect), Common (broken), Drow (broken), Old Necraharian.
    Distinguishing Marks: There are few parts of his body that aren't covered in scars. Some scars are haphazard and some are ritualistic but it's now impossible to tell. There are even a few broken off spear and arrow shafts left in his body. His right eye is socket is empty and scarred over. With so many grave wounds It is not too far of a stretch to think he might be undead. But you'll never get close enough to tell.
    Build: He is a massive hulk of muscle and sinew. He carries a bit of a belly.
    First Impressions [Everyone]: He is cold and calculating for an orc. Which basically means he's thought about how to smash your skull with his hammer.
    Signature: He might be able to scrawl something on a parchment but it might not be legible. Consider yourself lucky if it's not in excrement.

    Physical Description:  
    An orc dressed in poncho of dark ringmail. On his shoulders is a polar bear pelt. It is strapped across his chest with a single strip of red leather that then wraps around his waist.  There are several bits, trinkets, and shivs tied into and tucked into the folds of the strap. This also holds up his fur sarong.  The Sarong is soaked and matted with blood and mud. He wears fur boots that have been matted with blood and mud as well.  Around his wrists and ankles are thick iron cuffs. Around his neck is a matching iron collar.  
    His skin is a dark green, almost black in the few areas that are unscarred.  This along with his massive size indicates that he is very old in orc terms. He has an underbite where his fangs from his jaw overlap his upper lip. His nose is small but pig shaped. His right ear is pointed. His left ear point was cut off long ago. Both ears sport an assortment of earrings made of bone. The combination of these features suggest that he is only a few generations removed from a pureblood orc that at one point bred with a boar.  
    The shaft of the hammer is made from a twisted log of bloodwood. The lower part of the shaft is wrapped in strips of flesh making the handle. A few trinkets hang from the handle. There are a few notches carved into the upper part of the shaft. Some look to be tallies, others seem to be runes of dark words Brok'orba tried to spell out, and others are haphazard defensive marks. The head is made from a chunk of unrefined shadow iron ore that has been carved and chipped into shape.
    Brok'orba may remove the polar bear pelt from his shoulders and drop it. As it drops it does not hit the ground as if it landed perfectly on the large bear it came from, named Old Torrak One Eye. The pelt will come back to life and Brok'orba will mount the ghost bear and ride off.

    He has been around since the days of the Shadowclan.
    He was seen attacking Avernus before its fall.
    He is possessed by a malicious spirit who has taught him necromancy.

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