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    Elms Grimswood



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    Elms Grimswood

    Post by Darkheart on Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:34 am

    Name: Elms Grimswood
    Player: Brock Kloster
    Real Name: Elms Grimswood
    Aliases: Mortis Graves
    Residence: Necropolis
    Place of Birth: Necropolis
    Guild: Crimson Alliance Resurgent
    Previous Guilds: Undead, Undead of Yew, Legion of Frost, Citizens of Yew (Shadow Lords)
    Marital: Widowed
    Relatives: Dante Darkheart (Foster Brother), May Greene (deceased wife) Martha Grimswood (Mother), Kent Grimswood (Father), 6 older siblings (to be named later)
    Class: Necromancer
    Abilities: He possesses all the abilities and weaknesses of a wraith.
    Equipment: a small piece of carved blackrock is his first fetter. Several other lesser fetters have been created since.
    Race: human wraith
    Age: Born in the year 294
    Created: Created December of 2005
    Unborn: 314
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 134lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Voice: Raspy and dry like rustling leaves. A slight Yew accent.
    Languages: Orcish (Shadowclan dialect), Common, Drow (broken), Old Necraharian, and a few other dead and demonic languages.
    Distinguishing Marks: when he manifests as a human his fingers are stained black.
    Build: Skinny prior to becoming undead. He was a skeleton for a time but he is now all wraith.
    First Impressions [Everyone]: it depends on the form he takes. He can be charming if he wants to be. But he's usually too interested in his task at hand to bother being charming.
    Signature: He has well practiced handwriting.
    Physical Description: He has no true physical form. Though he takes on several forms
    His first and most simple form is that of a wraith. He essentially looks like a shadow of his living self. He floats and can pass through walls
    His next form is of a rat. He usually will posses a nearby rat corpse. But if no host presents itself he can use his pathos to take the form of a black rat.
    His next form is that of a corpse. The appearance of the corpse varies. Depending on the task at hand so will the amount of decomposition.
    His final form is a fully manifested form of himself. Depending on the pathos he spends determines his appearance. If little pathos is spent he will look like a skeleton. If a greater amount of pathos is expended then he will appear alive. Though his appearance may be somewhat influx between the to forms.
    His bones appear black and charred. He has a chipped tooth.
    In his living form he is pale and sickly. He is very skinny. He has no scars or marks worth mentioning, His long fingers are stained black from within the skin. His greasy black hair is shaved except for a patch pulled into a topknot at the top back of his head. His beard is shaved to a thin line along his jaw. A similarly thin mustache runs along his upper lip. His beard and moustache do not touch. His dark brown eyes are sunken and bloodshot.
    He typically manifests himself in black robes. The robes are layered. Many of the layers are trimmed with crimson and red silk. Some of the layers are embroidered with red thread in the shapes of runes in Old Necraharian. Dozens of crimson ribbons are pinned to his robes. On each ribbon is a different curse.
    He carries a black scythe. Tucked into the folds of his robes are several sacrificial daggers.
    He rides a spectral steed.

    He is collects plagues and diseases. But where does he store them?
    His body disappears when he is killed.
    He is always watching.

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