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    Alira Drakrul

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    All information is OOC only, unless otherwise noted. Updated: March, 2, 2017

    Birthname: Alira Drakrul  
    Nicknames: The Duchess, Ali
    Titles: Governor of Moonglow, Duchess of Moonglow, Prince of Moonglow [Kindred only]
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human/Drow [Vampire embraced circa 2001 on Catskills]
    Age: She appears to be in her early 20's.
    Height: 5'2''
    Weight: Thin
    Build: Delicate in appearance - small boned frame
    Hair: White

    Physical Description [Everyone]:

    Lithe and graceful, this young woman's build would befit a seasoned dancer. Intangible poise steels her spine and carries through the language of gesture and touch and a determination guides her every movement with decided deliberation. When seen, pale glacial blue eyes, touched by a trace of teal in some lights, echo a tempestuous ocean storm in color. Her ears are rounded as a human's, although her white hair might give some a hint to her drow heritage.

    She has an extensive wardrobe of dresses. Each dress will appear to have been custom made to fix her exact figure and specifications. The fabric is often an imported silk, hand-embroidered cloth or other expensive textile.  If the dress is removed or torn, a custom set of armor almost always will be underneath.  The leather armor also appears to have been custom made at great expense with the exact purpose of being virtually undetectable under one of her dresses.  The soft, supple leathers gives her complete range of emotion, with no sound betraying it as she moves. The leather tunic has a low scoop neck to the front, acting as an makeshift corset. While a full normal suit would provide better coverage, it is obvious that the main priority of this suit was to remain undetectable.


    These are only visible if the skin is exposed and someone is looking closely. She actively uses make-up to make the ones on her arm less obvious. In more revealing attire such as a swimsuit, nightwear or nude, they may become more visible.  All the scars have a silvery sheen to them and appear to have been made a long time ago.

    • A thick scar near the base of the back of her neck. It 2-3 inches wide and it is across her spine. For those with medical knowledge it lines up perfectly between vertebrae C5 and c6. It appears to have been made possibly by a weapon. It can only be seen if the hair is moved out of the way revealing it.

    • Left side - Upper Arm and side of torso.  Five thick, jagged lines, each half an inch wide, start at just below her shoulder. Three are on the arm and two on the torso. They run to her wrist and a bit further down on the torso almost to her hip. The silvery scars are slightly raised as if the skin was torn and while whoever stitched her was obviously skilled, this was not a clean slice as if by a sharp conventional weapon. It looks like they were made by very large claws, possibly a bear?  

      The end of the left most end scar on her wrist in now shorter than the others.

    • On her back from between her shoulder blades and down to the small of her back is five thick raised scars. They resemble the marks on her arm, but somehow more imposing against her skin and wider by about an inch. The fresh wound would have possibly been cavernous and should have been lethal.

      The top of the right most scar is now shorter by a few inches.

    First Impression [Everyone]:

    She appears very refined and educated. Most of the time, she seems in complete control of her emotions - even to the point of appearing perfectly calm in hostile situations. Aside from her hands, she seems to purposefully avoid physical contact with others and becomes noticeably stiff when she is given a friendly embrace. If touched, her skin is warm to the touch.  She appears to be perfectly content, watching and listening at social gatherings.  Her pale eyes will glance over people, sometimes pausing briefly to study them.

    Most of the time, she keeps rather impressive control of the illusion of being alive.  She even will do around non-humans or even if those around know she is a vampire. It is almost like it has become a bad vitae-wasting habit. She appears to breathe like a normal human, although if under physical duress, the breathing will not quicken like a mortal's might unless her mind is focused on making it do so. She also appears to have a pulse.

    If knocked unconscious for an extended period of time, her body will slowly cool, her pulse will cease and she appears to stop breathing.  If seen during the daytime, she will often be seen wearing a shroud. If pressed, she will explain that her pale skin is easily burned due to a hereditary condition.When coaxed into singing, her voice is very sultry and haunting, often empowering others to their own memories of the emotion of her chosen song whether it be happiness, anger or a sense of loss.[/list]

    First Impression [Vampires Only]:

    I am a strong believer in Predator's Taint.  If as a player if I know your character is kindred and we physically meet in-game, Alira will recognize that. She may not mention it or disclose it, but she will recognize you for what you are.  On the reverse, your vampire character may recognize Alira for what she is as well.  For potency purposes, Alira's blood potency will always appear equal to what your character's is or at a 5, which is ever higher number [Active/Ongoing Discipline].

    Examples of her signed name:

    If she signs a name to a ledger, on a letter or in regards to informal or unimportant matters, this will be the signature used. While it wouldn't be easy, it is reasonable that given enough time, practice and skill as a grandmaster scribe could recreate it.

    If she is signing something like a contract, a binding document, a treaty or formally addressing a reigning dignitary, a governor, a member of a royal court or other member of high stature. This signature is extremely difficult to forge even with exceptional skill and practice.  Despite how complicated and intricate this signature is, she is able to create surprisingly fast with a calligraphy quill as if she had many years of practice... almost like muscle memory... each one looking near identical.


    • "Be sure t'taste yer words before ye spit them out."
    • "Truth does nae change based on yer ability t'stomach it."
    • "Throw me t'the wolves... an' I'll return leading the pack."
    • "Everyone's opinions matter, jus' some opinions matter more."
    • *chews on popcorn* "I'm goin' to be sick later..." *sighs* "I don't even like the taste... I'm just eating to eat.  Thank god we don't get fat... all those people..." *pops another piece in her mouth* "... probably go straight to my thighs..."


    It is acceptable for rp players to treat the following rumors as IC knowledge that they've heard from the townsfolk if they inquire about her in Moonglow.  I will change the rumors out as I feel something new about her might be gossiped about. I suggest rolling a D10 to choose a random rumor.  Invite some chance into the rp! Some are true and some are false.

    Let RP with players in-game help your character decide what they believe.

    Current Rumors [Last updated 1-3-2017]:

    1. "Have you seen her eyes?  I heard the reason her eyes are so pale blue is because she is partially blind."
    2. "She's been spending a lot of time with Berridge fellow. He must be in her employment."
    3. "Well, I heard she hired an assassin to kill a suitor for not opening a door for her. I'd avoid courting that one if I was you."
    4. "My friend thinks the reason You never see her eat or drink liquor is because she's nauseous. I bet she's pregnant!"
    5. "Isn't it weird a lady like that isn't married? Plain odd if you ask me."
    6. "One of the mages at the Lycaeum said she's a gifted necromancer."
    7. "I heard she used to be a homeless orphan."
    8. "Oh! She's the Governor of Moonglow now. She lives near the sorcerer's guild in Moonglow."
    9. "I heard she was mauled by a bear when younger. You can see the marks on her left arm if you look close enough."
    10. "I almost didn't vote for her because I heard she's afraid of water. We're on an island!."

    Songs that fit the character:

    "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift

    "Demons" by Imagine Dragons

    "Stand Your Ground" by Within Temptation

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