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    Gillian Patrice Gryphon (Nee Wilkins)


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    Gillian Patrice Gryphon (Nee Wilkins)

    Post by Gillian on Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:54 pm

    First Name: Gillian
    Last Name: Gryphon (nee Wilkins)
    Nicknames: Gilly, Gilly Pad, Patsy (for her middle name Patrice)
    Place of Birth: Northwest Britain
    Race: Human
    Age: Early thirties
    Hair: Medium Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Skin Color: Slight tan
    Height: 5' 6''
    Weight: 117 lbs.

    Known Relatives: 5 brothers, 2 sisters. She is number six of eight in the line.

    (What is seen)
    Physical Description: An even complexion with moderate forms of make-up or skin paint. Her arms reflect early years of hard work. To the trained eye, her hands are calculated when they move as if she's intentionally forcing them to slow down. From her elbow to her ankles, she is almost always covered denoting a lack of exposed skin. Her hair is always neatly brushed and laying straight down to just below her shoulders.

    Scars to note once skin is visible: Upper arms have thin pale marks that look to be from some sort of restraint system. She has a long jagged scar running down her right arm. One circular scar in the middle of her right hand on the top.

    Known History: She is sixth born in a line of eight which includes 5 brothers and 2 sisters. The Wilkins family were farmers on the outskirts of Britain. During an altercation with her Older brother (Gavin) recently, all but one brother and one sister have vanished. The are presumed dead but no proof has been provided.

    Known living Relatives:
    Husband: Thom Gryphon, of Trinsic
    Step-son: Alex Gryphon
    son: Xavier Dominic Gryphon


    "I'm not saying she's a slut, but she's been pounded more times than a blacksmith's anvil."

    "I heard she's psycho and spent time in a ward after murdering her family!"

    "Didn't she have triplets? I know she was trying to one up Thom's ex!"

    "She sniffs the poppy."

    "I heard she sat on a executioner's axe and that's how she got that stick up her ass."

    "She laces the cookies with nightshade."

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