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    The Baron, Arkon

    Baron Arkon

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    The Baron, Arkon

    Post by Baron Arkon on Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:45 pm

    Age: Unknown, appears mid-late 30s
    Birthplace: Human Host, Umbra. Dragon Soul, Destard
    Height: Human, 6'4"
    Weight: 210lbs
    Eyes: Right eye missing, Left Eye golden/serpentine
    Skin: Heavily tanned and leathered from months on end exposure to the salty sea.
    Build: Average slight athletic

    Black dragon scales across each shoulder, meeting at the base of his spine and going down to the bottom of his back.
    Black Scales going from the side of his leg at his knee up his thigh and around to meet his back.
    His blood veins appear silver where a humans would look blue.
    Right eye has been forcibly removed, leaving a black hole where it once was. Covered typically with a leather patch.
    Left eye is gold and slitted like a dragons.
    Each phalange of his fingers has a human finger bone stitched into it.
    Each finger ends with a bright silver talon that seems naturally pointed.
    Obvious snake-like fangs that never retract.
    At least a days worth of scruff from whence he hasn't shaved.
    The scent of flowers and honey flow about him (hops and mead)

    Full back tattoo of a black dragon and a white tiger at odds in Yin-Yang fashion with black flames erupting around them. The beats are separated by the naturally grown black scales
    Left breast has a branding of a crossed scepter and sword.
    Right breast looks to be a make-shift map with an X up near the collar bone
    Left arm has a tattoo of a black skull and crossbones.
    Around neck is a tribal amulet.
    coiling down his arms are a set of tattoo chains.

    Large jagged scar across his face.
    Multiple small cuts over his ribs and neck some hidden by the tattoos. Neatly done with surgical precision
    Obvious vertical slices across each wrists to forearm.

    Small abrasive markings along his facial features from multiple fist fights.

    Physical Description:
    He stands a lean 6 foot 4 inches, and walks with a gliding grace. Always clad in the colors red and black whether in armor or just clothing.

    First Impressions [Everyone]:
    He often comes off as brash and suave at the same time. He is not a people person and will commonly avoid public contact, in fact even at a tavern he'll sit alone watching.
    He maintains a fleet of ships, and heavy loyalties to what ever City or Town has accepted him at the time.
    His Ships are always in perfect condition and he takes pride in the sea, and the sea life.
    A known fact of the man is that he has no love for living on Land and openly distrusts everyone that does.

    First Impressions [Vampires & Demonics]:
    Creatures with Auspex, Aura sight or similar will notice two variations of auras around the mans body. Each aura attempting to over take the other.

    First Impressions [Fey]:
    Because of his dual nature, most fey find it soothing and kinship when around him.

    Some rumors spread about of Arkon being a Pirate and a Smuggler.
    Some rumors say the man will kill his mama for a gold piece, Arkon has heard this rumor and has assured every time, he'd do it for cheaper.
    Some rumors say he sells drugs and drug like substances from a pirate ship. Some even say these drugs have a multitude of effects. Some good, some nightmarish.

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